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synthesizes the trends



Observer of its time, inspired by movements of the past, projecting into the future, ER Design creates and synthesizes the trends.

We permeating in the most diverse influences as possible, we target your trends, tailored to your product, your target, your universe:






  • A Sociological Analysis.
  • Search the colors of the season.
  • Search and selection of materials.
  • Director of panels trends.



Depending on your positioning and your heart market, analyzing trends, influences, and competition, ER Design can help you build your collection and developments.

Through a critical, ER Design offers:


  • Analyze and develop your existing range, product by product.
  • Bring together the competitive market.
  • Conduct targeted shopping malls.
  • Enhance product lines in keeping with the style of your brand.
  • Analyze the market and trends in order to extract the currents and influences who you are.

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Link to website