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Dessin ligne Eva Rachline





ER Design meets your needs in terms of product range and helps you organize your collection. From a market analysis, of target your brand, from competition, of the results of the previous collection, we carry:

  • Determine the ranges of products in accordance with the style of your brand.
  • Analyze the market and trends.
  • Develop a collection plan which defines the number of models to produce fabrics and colors in which they are offered

ER Design meets your needs in terms of styling and handles to suit your needs:




  • Develop collection themes.
  • Create and design models.
  • Find and select the appropriate materials and accessories (price, style, market).
  • Working on the materials, shapes and colors.
  • Create color schemes.
  • Create patterns of tissue.
  • Perform technical records materials for purchase.
  • Buy cutting-types needed for making prototypes.
  • Track suppliers.
  • Perform technical records products (drawings and technical data for the models and manufacturers).
  • Follow the development of prototypes to the conformity.

At this stage of development of the collection, ER Design control the prototypes realised by the model maker so that each model is consistent with the original validated idea, to technical contraints, commercials and budget,  while maintaining the image of mark.

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