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Dessin technique Eva Rachline



With an experienced team specializing in lingerie and corsetry and swimwear, ER Design assists you in the development and implementation of your product in relation and in agreement with the styling, and is responsible for:




  • To make achieve  the patronage and prototypes.
  • To commission the development of products to validate the basic size. The assembly of prototypes is done by a workshop consisting of five highly qualified persons.
  • Manage and organize the fittings.
  • To make achieve the gradations in different sizes and depths required, by computer or manual.
  • Prepare technical documents necessary for the industrial production (consumption materials, nomenclature, measurements).

In partnership with relevant factories, ER Design can help you in setting up and monitoring of your industrial production.
According to production quantities and deadline of manufacturing, ER Design based on:

  • For small runs, on two very qualitative factories located in France (capacity 60 to 80 pieces per day, Premium quality).
  • For series averages on a site in Tunisia (capacity 5000 pcs / day, Premium quality).
  • For large batches, on a factory in China (Guangzhou region) can include sourcing materials from Asia. (capacity 100,000 pcs / month, average quality range).

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