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Eva Rachline

1st price European Variance "Underwear Young Designer" , 1st price ENA "Best Costume for 2000" , Dentelle de Calais price..... Eva Rachline distinguishes herself through originality. Remarked very fast, she imagines her collection for the greatest brands to finally launch her own underwear brand
Eva Rachline will awake globally conventional, classical and monotonous lingerie market through a rejuvenating couture attitude, blowing into eccentricity and impertinence, all with contrasting colors. The designer imagines in a very personal way a luxurious lingerie that dares diversion of fabric, finishing and harmonies by taking over the same emblematic codes of the scene and theatre, releasing a moderate extravagance and a bold modernity, which gives her immediately a proper identity on the lingerie market. 
This know-how and experience that is creative for years to serve its customers.

Link to Official website

Link to website